Believe: A Quest For Peace

2 Mar

The Storyteller Almanac


Greetings All! The latest episode in my podcast series, “The Storyteller Almanac” is out now and is called, “Believe: A Quest For Peace.” This one is a bit different. It tells the story about an epic piece of music I wrote and recorded a few years back. The tune is likewise called, “Believe: A Quest For Peace” and delivers a powerful message about seeking peace in our world. Check it out by clicking . The song is also played out towards the end of the podcast so make sure you stick around to give it a listen!

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Thanks for droppin’ by, neighbor! “Mike The Storyteller. 

NOTE: I am behind on sharing the podcasts. I apologize. If Believe does not appear in the first position-Onisha

The Musical Minister Storyteller Almanac

This man became better known for his service and dedication to children everywhere versus his ministry and/or music. Tune in to find out who I'm talking about :).
  1. The Musical Minister
  2. Lonzo Green
  3. Salute In The Rain
  4. Too Much Of A Flag Waiver
  5. The Hometown Museum

I’ve been ‘clickin’ the shutter since I was about 16. I morphed into video production when I went to work for The Walt Disney Company many years ago. Currently, I still work for Disney. But my real passion and path is utilizing my photography and multimedia skill sets for the greater good. Translated, anything or anybody that deserves recognition, appreciation or documenting for future history, I’m all over it. Too many important things just slip away in a fast moving, fast paced world / society. ‘If ya’ wanna know where you’re going, ya’ gotta know where ya’ come from’ (Sir Lawrence Olivier – The Jazz Singer 1980). 

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