Julep Farms, Dillard Georgia

4 Mar

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

We are back in the mountains for a short stay. Our daughter was feeling the need for a vacation and we were more than happy to help. It has been a warm winter in Florida and I was ready for some “chill time.”

We arrived on Saturday to a less than optimal weather forecast. One day of sunshine, then four days of rain. Normally we need a rest day after the 6oo mile road trip, but we decided to take advantage of the day of sunshine to explore a nearby farm/resort, Julep Farms in Dillard, Georgia

Here is the description from their website:

While driving up to Highlands, NC to look for investment properties, Lauren (a decorator, designer, & restauranteur) and Rick Weaver (techno-geek & former US Marine ) stumbled upon this enchanting pasture. Lauren & Rick decided to purchase the land and Julep Farms was born. They then started to create a farm with a nod to the regal elegance of the Kentucky Derby with a splash of sweet tea southern meets modern.

The first time I noticed Julep Farm we were heading to Sky Valley, Georgia and I was impressed with the beauty of the land. I think the property was in the process of being constructed and I thought it was simply a private farm. On another drive to Sky Valley (to enjoy a beautiful waterfall) I glimpsed a sign as we drove past. Once we were home, I looked it up online and added it to my want to see list.

My husband wasn’t quite sure why we were going to a farm but he was happy to drive us. I was pleased to see a good number of cars in the parking area. A good sign.

Here is a side view of the main building.

A closer picture show the outdoor fireplace and casual seating.

It was hard to get a nice photo of the main building’s front.

Before going inside to explore the marketplace, restaurant and event center we walked around checking out the farm. The ponies were adorable but too busy munching to lift their heads for a picture. I had no idea that horse munching is loud!

When our daughter was in Ireland, she fell in love with sheep. We only saw these two.

These two beauties were in charge of the sheep.

The Marketplace sells farm fresh eggs. This is the nicest chicken house I have ever seen! Not a bad fire pit either for sipping cocoa or coffee as the sun goes down.

The farm also rents 4 cabins. Here is a picture of two.

Finally we went inside. The coffee bar, restaurant and Marketplace are decorated in crisp white. Our daughter said it felt very Chip and Joanna Gaines. We weren’t ready for lunch but I could picture myself meeting friends for lunch and enjoying the scenery through the big windows. I didn’t take a photo of the restaurant. I felt weird about taking pictures of strangers.

The merchandise was a nice blend of country and trendy. If one were in a buying mood, you would definitely find something to take home.

The Julep Farm is located at 500 Hwy 246 Dillard, GA30537. Their contact information is 706)-960-9600 info@julep.farm. If you are planning a country getaway, check them out! There are plenty of outdoor activities in the area to keep one busy, including a nearby winery.

As we left Julep Farm, we decided to drive further south on highway 441 to revisit the Tallulah Gorge overlook. We haven’t been there in years.The Tallulah Point Overlook store is rustic and junky looking from the outside, but inside is like stepping back in time.

The store has an upstairs gorge viewing area.The swing beckons one to sit a spell.

And what roadside tourist attraction would be complete without a Sasquatch?

We enjoyed our day in the sunshine. Fortunately, I am a big fan of rainy days as well.

7 Responses to “Julep Farms, Dillard Georgia”

  1. Julep Farms May 16, 2020 at 11:56 pm #

    We’re so glad you enjoyed your visit!
    We enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the kind words.


  2. itsrebekahlyn March 5, 2020 at 10:57 am #

    Looking forward to lunch at Julep Farms on my next trip. It’s an adorable spot and will be a beautiful event venue.


  3. Daniel Kemp March 4, 2020 at 9:39 am #

    That farm looks like a nice place to stay.


    • Onisha Ellis March 5, 2020 at 8:25 pm #

      My parents and multiple generations back were farmers. I guess that is why I am drawn to them.


  4. ludyja March 4, 2020 at 7:08 am #

    Most enjoyable read. Makes me want to go there right now! Perhaps Fred and I can work in a trip to Georgia sometime and visit these places. Thanks.


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