The Race Horse

1 Jul

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Story Ivan Bowers

Scribe DiVoran Bowers Lites


Ira Bowers   DiVoran’s Vintage Photos

Colorado State Penitentiary  Vintage Pictures Canon City

Ira bought Smokey 
When he and Marie 
Moved to Canon City with
Their boys, Ivan and Lowell.
Ira became a guardat 
Colorado State Penitentiary.
The Warden, big tough Warden Royst* 
Ordered Ira to race Smokey
Against his convicts and horses.


Convict 1919   Vintage Canon City

Jockey Ivan  DiVoran’s Vintage Photos

Ira’s Ivan, spare thin- -teen
Jockeyed in the races
Everybody in town knew 
Ivan and Smokey could beat 
Royst’s best easy
But he felt he HAD to win
With his horses and his cons.
Ivan asked Royst,
“Let Smoky run like he can 
Just one time.”
Said Warden Royst*
Smokey never ran
As fast as he could
Ivan held him back
And Smokey never won.

*Name Changed

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