Let Me Tell You About My Grandchildren~Part 3

4 Feb


Judy Wills





KATIE – Part 3

Another note about our granddaughter, Katie.

She and her brother, Forrest, both studied Spanish for several years in high school. I’m not sure whether or not she ever really had a reason to use it, or how fluent she was with it, but I do know of one instance where she did.

Every Christmas, we usually have one of our daughters and their families with us for the holiday. Upon occasion, both of our daughters come down for the holiday. While we have three bedrooms, we actually only have one guest room. It can get a little sticky with all those people here, but we love the challenge.

In previous years, one of our church families that lives nearby, usually went home to Grandma’s house, so Karen and her family would “house sit” their house and take care of their cats. However, the last time we had both daughters and families here, that family decided to stay home.

Just in passing, in a conversation with Jan (Janet) and Gene Eckles (Jan is another blogger with Old Things R New), they invited Karen’s family to stay with them! And so they did.

What is neat about all this, is that Jan and her family are from Bolivia, and she and her parents speak Spanish. Katie had an occasion to converse with Jan’s parents – in Spanish! I think it was a joy to all parties involved in the conversation! It certainly touched my heart to hear about it! Jan says that her parents still talk about that conversation with Katie. She made quite an impression on them!

Our Katie is a girl of many facets. She is fun-loving,


and she is serious.



She has been on several mission trips: to New Mexico,



and to Guatemala.



She loves her job as a stage manager – and she loves to study the Bible.



She is a serious student of the Bible and is in love with her Lord.



She is a joy to all who know her.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know our girl just a little bit. She is a joy to us, too.

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  1. divoran09 February 9, 2018 at 4:19 pm #

    Very nice.


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