I Like Black Friday Sales Events

1 Dec

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

It seems to have become cool to bash people who participate in Black Friday shopping, Well, I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy Black Friday shopping. The critics bemoan the greed and commercialism, while feeling superior that they don’t partake of such activities. My answer is good for you! Last I checked there was no law requiring one to participate and I respect your choice. Now, how about serving up a helping of respect for people like me, who do enjoy it?

Black Friday shopping began for me, as a way to get a lower price on items I wanted for my children’s Christmas. We didn’t have a lot of fluff in our budget and I found that by being a savvy shopper, knowing the regular price of the items on my list, I could save some dollars.

As the years and our finances evolved, I no longer shopped the sales every year. Plus the internet made it easier to find deals.  I began going to the sales again about five years ago after we purchased a home in a small town in North Carolina. Wal-Mart was offering a 32 inch televisions for ninety nine-dollars and we needed one for our new home. Our son was looking for a television too. The four of us, my son, daughter in law and daughter decided to give the sale a try. My husband, having been traumatized by a Kmart  sale in years past, volunteered to stay home with the grandchildren. It turned out to be a fun and memorable experience. The store was well staffed with friendly associates and an orderly system was in place for distributing the items. It was a very different experience from what you see on the television and created a happy memory. Since then, my daughter and I have ventured to the department store sales in Florida and overall they have had pleasant experiences.

This year, we were in North Carolina for Thanksgiving. We decided to go to the Thursday evening sales. It was interesting talking to the  folks who were working. When asked if they had been able to celebrate with their families, all  of them said yes and no one I spoke with was upset about working.

As i mentioned before, our home is in a small town, so it was an easy drive to shop in the four main stores. In the first store, while looking over a display of laser Christmas lights, we encountered another mother-daughter team looking at them too and we discussed the merits of the laser. Throughout the rest of the evening, we ran into this team in every store. By the end of the evening, I wanted to invite them to go with us for hot chocolate…but I didn’t. I watch too many crime shows.  : )

Ten years ago, we were on a cruise ship over Thanksgiving and the cruise line decided to offer Black Friday shopping.  A group of tables were arranged in a square outside the shopping area and merchandise  rested under paper covers until the official start. Once those covers came off, people went crazy. Those standing next to the tables began scooping up piles of shirts and other articles, without even looking at them. When their arms were full, they moved  next to a wall and began sorting the items. I was horrified that people could act in such a way. I don’t know why some people go crazy at these sales. Maybe, for them, it is greed.

I have friends who can’t imagine living in a small town, but I wouldn’t trade the lifestyle for any big town I know. I guess I am a Green Acres kind of woman…without the farm and chores!

2 Responses to “I Like Black Friday Sales Events”

  1. victoriabenchley December 3, 2016 at 1:23 pm #

    I loved everything about this post! My mother and I had a lovely experience on Black Friday (about 10 years ago) at Walmart. We were in and out with a surgeon’s precision, after the big early rush but before the latecomers. I love Green Acres, too! At my dad’s funeral, my sister spoke about how my parents were like the couple in that show (a true comparison). I don’t venture out the day after Thanksgiving anymore as I don’t enjoy the large crowds, but I do enjoy the tales, often funny, others bring back from their adventures! Merry Christmas & happy shopping!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Onisha Ellis December 3, 2016 at 9:56 pm #

      Thanks for commenting, Victoria. I wasn’t sure how this post would go over. Often my daughter and I do what we call “pin point” shopping..in, out, move on. Green Acres was a fun show. Two totally different people, loving each other. I so glad your parents had that kind of love. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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