Reflections of the Heart: The Trade-Off

15 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


FEBRUARY 3, 2007

Pigeons are not on my list of favorite creatures-

They destroy my peace of mind.

The feeder in my yard was dwarfed by pigeons of every kind.


They came each day and flapped their wings

as they fought for a position.

The feedeer was too small, you see,

which affected their disposition.


My patio used to be a placeof quietness and contentment

Until the pigeons came in droves

and filled me with resentment.


“Lord”, I cried, “I need your help.

I cannot stand their spats.”

The Lord obliged, to my chagrin

and sent, instead, eight cats.


No squirrels, no birds, they fled in fear-

The cats, you see, do domineer.

Now you find no pigeons on Chipola.

God sent them all to Lake Eola!


HDR Skyline

Source: Reflections of the Heart: The Trade-Off

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