20 Dec


Judy Wills




Love………what is love?

That is such an intangible word and concept – and yet we fling it around like we really know what it is:

“I really LOVE this dress……..I really LOVE that movie……I really LOVE that ice cream…” and on and on we go.

Of course, the BEST love is…….saying “I Love You” – to your mate.

But there is another love that tops them all – the LOVE God has for us. God loves us so very much that He actually sent His one and only Son to live as a human being – just like us – but without sin – and that Son took my place (and your place) on the cross and died for us. All that so we could be children of God, and live with His strength on this earth, and then eternally with Him in heaven. Unthinkable….unimaginable. And yet, it happened, and I am a child of God because of it.

Once again, on facebook I found a cartoon that says it all. Credit to Charles Schultz.


Peanuts a man called Jesus


How did Charlie Brown get to be so smart?

I thank my God and Savior, Jesus Christ, for this wondrous plan that allowed me – a Gentile – to be in the family of God. Oh, the wonder of it all. Thank you, loving Father.

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