God Never Says “O-O-O-PS”

11 Dec

From my Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson


That’s a theological truth in disguise.

God is a Master of Perfection.

His truths stand to confuse the thinking of the wise.


Every moment we feel overwhelmed by problems,

God is busy dealing with them, dear friend.

Every time we despair over the lack of God’s presence,

Remember, He promised to abide to the end.


The Bible has been written for people

who are living in the land of the living-

It is so much more than “pie in the sky

in the sweet by and by”.


The Bible is written for the tough realities of life,

the nitty grittry of the here and now.

Its pages are filled with real life solutions

to relieve our strife and our sigh!



“There has to be a song-

to make our burdens bearable,

to make our hopes believable,

to transform our successes into praise.

to release the chains of past defeats.

Somewhere- down deep in a forgotten corner

of each man’s heart-

There has to be a song,”

Robert Benson


“At times when we feel forsaken,may we know

the presence of the Holy Spirit who brings comfort

to all human hearts when we re willing to surrender

ourselves.  May we be convinced that soon before

we reach up to Thee, Thou art reaching down to us.”

Peter Marshall

Originally published on Old Things R New January 2015


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