Do you need a speaker for your next event?

24 Oct

I received an email from Janet this week about her ministry and she sweetly asked if I would pass it on.  Since this blog has a larger reach than my email list, I felt impressed to share it here. Janet has experienced great sorrow and shares a message of hope and joy and I love having her as part of the Old Things R New blogger family~ Onisha

Old Things R New Family

Left to right. Judy, DiVoran, Bill, Onisha, Lynn (web genius) Louise and Janet

Among the tears we shed, the dark moments we face, and the evil that is gaining ground, God’s call to you and to me to be His vessels is persistent. But how can we become more effective vessels when many, including some in
our own churches, are overwhelmed by burdens, overcome by fear, and live with worry?

May I ask you, with a prayer-filled heart, to please take a few minutes and consider forwarding this message to your pastor or women’s ministry director?

With hundreds of speakers to choose for your 2016 events, the task is arduous, yet showing those who attend your events how to overcome adversity and guide them to the path to God’s victory is more urgent than ever.

I’m grateful for Thelma Well’s words about my presentations and biblical teaching on living a victorious life:


It is obvious in your speaking that your heart is pure and your spirit is content which gives the listener a sense of your authenticity. You leave the listener with hope, inspiration, and encouragement so that, through faith and trust in God, they can make it through any circumstance. I appreciate what you do for the Kingdom of God.”

As you know, my physical blindness allowed me to see God’s grace. The episodes that were even more devastating in my life allowed me the blessing to teach many about Gods power to restore.

Here is a 2-minute video sample of my message.

The battle against evil is fierce; I invite you to join me in answering God’s urgent call to defeat the forces of darkness in the name of Jesus and thus, equip believers to live victoriously.

As you pray about speakers for your 2016 events, should God prompt you to contact me, I’m at your service.
In His grace,

Janet Perez Eckles,
International Author & Speaker
igniting in you a passion to overcome.
Two-minute video sample.
Making a difference with you, one-minute video.
JC Empowerment

One Response to “Do you need a speaker for your next event?”

  1. DiVoran Lites October 24, 2015 at 6:18 pm #

    Lovely post


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