Bon Appetit

29 Jun

My Take

DiVoran Lites

       Author, Poet and Artist  It’s always a good idea to stop once in a while and ask ourselves what we have an appetite for. Did you know that God gives us appetites, or desires of the heart, as the Bible calls them?

Many of us have an appetite for reading, even more have one for learning, and then there are those of us who have an appetite for writing.

I started writing in elementary school where I received valuable help from my teachers and family. In my college years, I took as many English and comp. classes as I could. Later on, after Bill and I married and had children, I worked with the publishing group at our church. I learned a great deal from that.

When our children got close to fledging, I knew I needed to invent more of a life for myself, so I started a novel, and became active reading writing books, going to classes, and attending writer’s conferences.

Around the time my grandchildren were born, I began to take painting classes and discovered I had an appetite for art, as well.

Here am I, three published novels later. I’m working on blogs promises, meditations, and a serial novel, Go West. I am now paiting illustrations for almost everything I write. My nest overflows.

If you don’t already know, why not ask God what your truest appetites are for. If He says chocolate, well, you’re in business right off the bat.

Bon Appetit

Psalm 37: 4

Chapter 20 Neiuport Bebe copy

Original art for my Go West serial novel

You can read the first  twenty chapters of Go West at Rebekah Lyn Books

2 Responses to “Bon Appetit”

  1. Louise Gibson June 30, 2015 at 10:07 am #



  2. Old Things R New June 29, 2015 at 7:38 pm #

    I’m glad your appetite for creating is being satisfied, keep on creating!


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