The Greasy Pork Chops

1 Jul

A Slice of Life

 Bill Lites

Bill Rocket Plane


In 1974 I was between jobs and our family took a 6-week camping trip (see “Our Trip Across America“ blog posted 10/10/2012) to see some of the wonders of America and visit friends and relatives along the way. We had a great time visiting some of my relatives in Louisiana and New Mexico and high school friends in Arizona. We stopped to see DiVoran’s brother and his family in Bonita, CA which is just south of San Diego, CA and one of my work friends in Diamond Bar, CA which is located just east of Los Angeles, CA. From there our trip took us up the scenic California coast to Fort Bragg, CA where DiVoran’s parents were living at the time.


Her father, Ivan, was a fisherman who “Lived to Fish” and his longtime dream was to own a commercial fishing boat and ply the Pacific Ocean for its rich verity of salmon. To fulfill this dream he had bought a 50 foot commercial fishing boat the year before and was an old hand at ocean salmon fishing by the time we arrived.


We were having a wonderful visit with Ivan and Dora, but Ivan couldn’t wait to take me out on his boat and show me how he was realizing his dream. The day we went out the weather was overcast and cool when we left. By the time Ivan had finished setting his lines, the seas were up and it was getting pretty rough. As we headed back in, taking in the lines and fish, the boat was rolling and pitching so bad it was all I could do to hold on.


Ivan got on the radio to tell Dora how bad the weather was and that we were heading home. Before she signed off, she told Ivan that DiVoran wanted to say something.

 I have to put the story on pause for a moment at this point and give you a little background on how Ivan had teased Divoran as she was growing up. He was always telling her that the meal they were eating was Bambi or one of her pet animals, and teasing her about how weak her stomach was when she would get car sick during family trips on those winding Colorado roads.

 Well, DiVoran got on the radio and asked Ivan how the fishing was going; how many fish we had caught, how bad the weather was and all that. When he told her he had to go, she said for him to be careful and to hurry home because she and Dora had a nice hot meal of pork chops waiting for him. Nice greasy pork chops…. nice big greasy pork chops, just swimming in grease. Ivan started turning a little green around the gills and told DiVoran to “SHUT UP!” The last thing I heard on the radio before Ivan signed off was DiVoran laughing. “Sweet Revenge!” I thought to myself. Over the many years we had gone fishing together I had never known Ivan to get sick on a boat, but this was the one exception, and it was perfectly played by DiVoran.


After we got back to the marina, got the boat tied up and cleaned the boat and the fish, no one talked much about the incident. But, at dinner that evening (and by the way it wasn’t pork chops), I noticed an occasional smile when DiVoran and Dora would exchange glances. I guess that just goes to prove the old saying, “What goes around, comes around.” At least it did for Ivan that day.


Luke 6:31

2 Responses to “The Greasy Pork Chops”

  1. Old Things R New July 2, 2015 at 7:56 am #

    What a fun story, Bill. My dad lived to fish too.


  2. Louise Gibson July 1, 2015 at 9:08 am #



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