Tennis Anyone?

1 Feb


Judy Wills


As a child, it seems like I was always pretty active. I mean, back in that day, we didn’t have a TV to watch all day long, nor a computer or iPhone to keep us entertained. We were outside most of the time, with our friends and those of us in the neighborhood just playing our hearts out.

I remember being in elementary school and playing tether ball. I was actually pretty good at it – even beating some of the boys! That was fun!


And then there was the school field day – where there were races and high jump and broad jump. I think I remember getting a blue ribbon for the broad jump one or two years.

However, when I got to high school, we had to choose between sports and music. And music won out for me. So I went into the chorus program, rather than PE. Of course, most of the popular girls were in sports, cheerleading, etc. But that didn’t bother me. I just loved that music so much.

Then came college. I attend Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) for one semester and had to take PE. Since I came from a land-locked state, I had never had the proximity of large lakes or rivers or oceans, so I chose to take swimming. I passed the class, but it was by the skin of my teeth!

When I transferred to the University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque, I thought to take up tennis. My parents surprised me with my first tennis racket. It was the greatest thing – wooden frame and all! That’s all there was at that time. I found that I really LOVED to play tennis! I think I had a pretty good rhythm for it – since I have the music background, and rhythm is everything!

So, feeling very sure of myself, I took Fred out to play a match – and he beat me!! That is soooo not nice! It’s especially not nice, since golf is really his game. (I actually tried one time to play golf, but gave it up. I was using Fred’s clubs and was so afraid of breaking the clubs that I swung at the ball more than I hit it. I thought for sure that he would kill me if I damaged his clubs!)

When we were stationed in Florida (Tyndall AFB, Panama City), I was involved with a Wive’s Club league. I played with them for about four years. When I arrived one morning, there was a man wanting to play some tennis, and the girls told him that one of their “best players” would be there shortly – and pointed to me. He and I played for a while, and he complimented me on my play, but said I had a “baby” serve. After that I took lessons to improve my serve.

But all good things must come to an end – and so did tennis for me. I hadn’t played in a while and tried to play in a “league” set up by our church. When I realized how badly my knees were hurting, that’s when I knew that I needed to stop playing.

But I must say that it didn’t stop me from watching. I just devour anything tennis I can find on the TV. We watch all of the major tournaments – the Australian Open is on right now, and I’m lovin’ it.

Through the years we’ve had our favorite – and most unfavorite – players. They have come and gone, as well. I am distressed to find that women’s tennis has become a screaming match – who can scream the loudest? Nothing classy about it at all – not like when Chris Evert and Margaret Court and Yvonne Goolagong were playing. Now THOSE were classy players! I can understand a “woof” of air after hitting ball, but a screech? I usually have to watch women’s tennis with the mute button on.

But that doesn’t stop me from watching – and screaming (inside my head, of course) for my favorite player to win!

Men's Doubles match - John Newcombe_Tony Roche vs. Casal_Hocevar


This picture was taken when we stopped at Wimbledon in 1983 – on our way home from Germany.  We were in the nose-bleed-standing-room-only area.  But it was still exciting for us.




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