The Whisperers

10 Sep

A Slice of Life

Bill Lites

Bill Lites


Since I was raised mostly in larger cities, I didn’t get close to many horses. Then along came Robert Redford who made “The Horse Whisperer” a common household name for those people who have a special talent with horses. Well, I want you to know that there are people in this world who have special talents in many other areas too. As it happens, I actually know an “Auto Whisperer.”   This man has been associated with automobiles and engines for over seventy years, and all he has to do is listen to an engine run for a few minutes, and he can usually diagnose any problem the owner is complaining about. In some cases he will inform people of problems they didn’t even know they had with their car, saving them expensive repair bills down the road. What is amazing about this “Auto Whisperer” is that he loves nothing better than working on a sick car, and giving it back to its owner purring like a kitten. I have never known a mechanic who has the talent and ability to diagnose and repair an 1automobile (no matter what year, make or model) than my friend Ray does. The rest of this story (as Paul Harvey would say) is that because this man loves his fellow-man with God’s love, and wants to help people with their car problems, he and his wife Alice have been operating a community Car Care ministry every Saturday (weather permitting) at a local Methodist Church for over 11 years now. Their aid and assistance to others is so well known that the city of Titusville has awarded them several honors for their ongoing humanitarian and civic contributions.


You might say, will that’s great if you have a sick car, my car runs fine, but I have medical problems, and I am having a hard time getting any help that I can depend on. And, you wouldn’t be in that boat alone! But then I would have to tell you that I actually know a “People Whisperer” too. This doctor friend of mine is the most amazing diagnostician! He has the ability to analyze medical symptoms and diagnose problems with the human body from the top of a person’s head to the soles of his feet that in many cases have stumped the medical profession. This man is dedicated to helping his fellow-man in every way he can, and also volunteers his time to help people live a better and more comfortable life. To me, this is another case of a person committed to seeking the wisdom of God for his life and listening to the advice and direction He gives them in overflowing measure.


I’m not saying you will run into different kinds of “Whisperers” out there on the next street corner, but they are out there, and it’s a real joy to come in contact with one of these special people no matter what their calling is. Have you ever considered that you might just be one of God’s special people, and that your wisdom and abilities could touch the lives of others in their time of need? Think about giving Him a call and see what He has to say about you and your gifting and how you can share it with others. Who knows, it just might be fun, and you might be a “Whisperer” and not even know it.


James 1:5 (NIV)

One Response to “The Whisperers”

  1. Louise Gibson September 10, 2014 at 10:37 am #

    What a great post, Bill. Your “Whisper” friend sounds intriguing. I would love to meet him, but I confess I would hate to “expose” myself to his intuitive poiwers. : – )


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