Reflecting on Mother’s Day

20 May

Once again, we are blessed to have a post from Patricia Franklin. She is reflecting on her Mother’s Day experience this year. It touched my heart, I hope it touches yours too~Onisha

A Few Thoughts

Patricia Franklin

Mother’s Day – always a special day, especially when you don’t have any special expectations, but enjoy the blessings that come with the day. 
 Mine was great, simply because I got phone calls from all of my children — a rarity for me.  The boys usually call, but my daughter does not get that privilege very often.  We had a winter storm here for Mother’s day and it was cold, windy, rainy and snowy.  So I decided we would go to a movie.  We went to see “Heaven is for Real.”  I loved it.  The theater was full and everyone was crying by the end.  
The elderly lady next to me was huge, had a big box of popcorn and a gigantic drink. She also had a big bag.  Don’t know how she fit it all into her tiny seat. She was with her adult son.  At one time I might have remarked on the way she looked, but I have learned for the most part to look at people’s hearts and not the exterior.  Maybe it is my age, or maybe it is that working at a crisis center for so long, I have learned to see people the way they are inside.
At the end of the movie, the woman turned to me and said that she lost her husband two years ago.  The tears were streaming down her face as she continued “My son said he had to go first to prepare a place for me.”  I said “The children know”  (as in the movie) …  “I don’t know why the world finds it so hard to believe … it is really very simple.”  I had to leave the theater then, or lose my husband in the crowd.  So I patted her on the shoulder and left. 
It was very crowded exiting the theater. Usually everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere else fast, but something was different with this crowd.  Everyone was smiling and friendly and unhurried, instead of pushing and shoving and in a hurry to get out into that busy world again.  What a beautiful experience.  If only we had more uplifting experiences like this in our lives, imagine what would happen.
We then went to a restaurant and had dinner next to a family with two little red headed boys.  The smallest boy turned around in his high chair, smiled and spoke to me like he knew me.  We enjoyed watching the family so much and I told the Mom so as I left.  The little boy was blowing kisses to me and I thought how quickly they grow and are gone. This family seemed to treasure these precious moments.  It was very nostalgic to me and made my Mother’s Day very special.   A beautiful, simple day filled with love and care.


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