14 Mar

I’m pretty sure God knew about the internet way before Al Gore invented it. I can imagine him smiling all those years ago when I grumbled about everything taking soooo long. “If words can be heard through a telephone line then why can’t a piece of paper somehow be scanned and sent along those same lines” I would ask. Abra-ca-dabra the fax machine was born. Then I wanted a computer that could actually sort data and give me answers to my multitude of questions , I wanted, no I NEEDED instant communication at all times and she-bang  personal computers,the internet  and smart phones became everyday items.

Just like God knew about my irrational need for instant communication he also knew of all the blessings he had placed in my life long before I even knew I needed them. He sprinkled my life with people who would become dear friends, mentors and helpers. It seems that whenever I have a need, God has already sprinkled someone in my life fill it. His latest provision was a quick thinking friend with a rice strainer!

There is a lovely passage in I Corinthians 12: 12-26 where Paul speaks of the different parts of the body and how each part is equally valued.  I think it is that way with the people in one’s life and even my place in other’s lives. Sometimes I might be a helping hand and another time a lowly toe. Both are necessary  and important, neither more grand than the other.

All of this chatter to get around to say forty years ago God sprinkled a talented woman into my life. Louise Gibson is the mother of my best friend from high school days and now, hopefully, she is going to fill a need on this blog. She will be posting on Fridays and the title will be “From the heart of Louise Gibson”


One Response to “Sprinkles”

  1. DiVoran Lites March 14, 2013 at 7:47 am #

    Yea! I’m looking forward to it. Good blog today, by the way.


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