Hang In There Baby

27 Jun

  A Slice of Life

 Bill Lites

We have two cats at our house, one Calico, named Lily, and a grey and white striped, Jasmine. It’s funny how different two cats can be.  Lily is the princess.  She is beautiful and she knows it.

Her fur is soft and silky, she purrs easily, and she loves to be picked up by my wife and carried around the house while my wife lets her look at the various things on the bookshelves and counters.  When her humans are not entertaining her, she bakes herself in a sunbeam coming through the window or on the screened porch.  But, she is very demanding and skittish and does a lot of meowing to tell us it’s time for her food, time for her brushing or that things are too loud and scary.  But, we really do love her and all her princess ways.

Now Jasmine is another story.  She is the feisty one.  She is always trying to get Lily to play with her, but to no avail.  So, she plays by herself most of the time.  We have discovered, after buying all kinds of cat toys, that what she likes to play with most is one of those little round plastic pull-top seals from a milk carton.  She will bat and chase one of those things around the house like a one cat soccer player, and when she does, we say she’s playing “Kitty Soccer.”  She also has one tiny toy mouse that she likes, we guess, because it has something loose inside it and rattles when she bats it around.

Jasmine likes to be with my wife all the time, and follows her around the house wherever she goes. If my wife is in one room, with the door closed, Jasmine wants the door opened so she can be in that room.  If Jasmine is in the house and my wife is on our screened porch, with the door closed, Jasmine wants the door opened so she can be on the porch too.  Now if Jasmine happens to be on the porch and wants in, and nobody opens the door in a timely manner, she has this habit of jumping up on the French door and clinging onto one of the wooden glass pane supports to get our attention.  It is quiet a sight, and a real attraction when we have guests.

So, we have gone to calling Jasmine our “In-And-Out-Cat.”  When the weather is nice and we have left the door open, Jasmine will sit in the opening, guarding the opening, and won’t let Lily in or out until she is ready to move.  We are not sure what that is all about, but it makes for some interesting cat stand-offs.  All her pranks and insistence just make us love Jasmine more.

Variety is the spice of life, they say. When it comes to cats it’s the truth, make no mistake about it.

Romans 5:5

2 Responses to “Hang In There Baby”

  1. Onisha June 27, 2012 at 11:21 am #

    Thanks to Bill for sharing it. Your cats have so much personality.


  2. DiVoran June 27, 2012 at 9:51 am #

    I love this story and will cherish it forever. Thanks for giving Bill a chance to share it.


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