Announcing the Launch of Julianne- Beautiful Voice

19 Jun

Today is so exciting for those of us at Oldthingsrnew. Rebekah Lyn’s new book, Julianne is launching today. I will post her first five-star review, but first, my thoughts.

Julianne did not start out for me as a favorite character. If you have raised a teenager, you will feel  frustrated and want to tell Julianne to just “get over it.” But bear with her, because God is faithful and Rebekah shows how God  can help even the whiniest girl to grow up.

Now here is the Amazon and Goodreads review:

 Beautiful Voice! June 18, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
Rebekah Lyn has a beautiful voice in each of her stories. Her latest, Julianne, is an excellent exploration of the conflict that young professionals experience in contemporary society. They fall into many traps when dating and finding careers. Julianne illustrates how we take many wrong turns in life, but can find our way through love, trust, and spirituality. This Christian romance novel by the author of Summer Storms contains characters that are clearly defined and relevant to the storyline and a plot that is romantic without being sappy. The references to Christianity are not preachy, but instead show the effects of sound decision-making and personal choices that young adults create in their lives, making this novel appealing to all readers, from YA up to older generations of adults.
If you would like to read Julianne, visit Rebekah Lyn’s Amazon author page. Julianne will be available in paperback  June 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Announcing the Launch of Julianne- Beautiful Voice”

  1. DiVoran June 19, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    With Julianne, author Rebekah Lynn is becoming not only a prolific writer who will win still more awards but who will also help people to understand the hardships of today’s single career person and the need for God as guide in their lives.



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