First Grade Failure

16 Feb

I really did not like first grade. Except for our morning Bible time and singing, I can’t think of a single activity that I enjoyed. I was homesick everyday. Plus, they insisted that I draw pictures and take a nap, two things I did not like to do, nor intend to do. Are you starting to get the picture? I was a rebellious first grade failure.]

Second grade didn’t look promising on the first day of school but I was resigned to the reality of going to school. I was placed in the class of this tall red-haired woman.  In first grade I had seen her in the cafeteria, clumping around in her high heels and shouting for everyone to be quiet. One day I was sitting in the reading circle and my world exploded. I discovered I could read and reading meant all my questions could be answered. This began a life long love affair with books.

Since Rebekah published her eBook, I have discovered a veritable feast of digital authors and I want to read them all! There are a lot more talented writers than are ever published in Tyndale, Bethany or Thomas Nelson catalogs.

I love books. I love to read them, touch and smell them. I love discovering a great read on a library shelf or in the bargain bin. I love sharing them with friends and then discussing the characters. So how do I merge my love of paper with this new digital age? Any suggestions?

If you would like to read my favorite digital author check out

RebekahLyn’s Books and Publications Spotlight

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