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How Books & Such And The Disney Imagineers Ruined My Cruise.

27 Mar

I am generally a pretty laid back kind of person but last week the opinions on the blog, Books & Such and the Disney Imagineers just about ruined my cruise on the new Disney Fantasy.

How did this happen? Consider these two paragraphs from the blog:

Building a significant literary career takes perseverance. Some agents and publishers view the self-pubbed author as one who lacks the patience to build slowly and strategically.

When you make a choice to go it alone, some professionals could see it as a maverick attitude. Does it denigrate what a whole team brings to the process?

The whole cruise I could not get these words out of my mind. Would this writer hold the same standard to an artist or musician? Should an artist never let the public see their work until an established gallery decided it was worthy of a show? What about Chris Daughtry, should he have never played in a band before he could be “discovered” on American Idol?  Self publication has brough to the writer the same opportunity to share their craft, artists and musicians have always enjoyed. With the availability of self publication it is ridiculous to expect writers to wait six months for one publishing house to make a decision before they can submit to another house. That is not patience, it is foolishness.

Since I didn’t want to allow one blog post to steal my chill, I headed for my favorite spot on a Disney ship, Quiet Cove.  On the Dream and Fantasy it is an adult only area with  plump chairs, cushy loungers ,a soaking pool, huge hot tub and servers who will bring  you a nice latte  or tea. This is where the Disney Imagineers ruined my cruise. Why would they jam an enormous jumbotron movie screen blasting NEMO! NEMO! next to a quiet area? THINK imagineers, THINK.

If you would like to read the whole blog from Books & Such, you can find it here:


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