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Tying Flies

19 Feb

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis


i spent Monday, thinking about my Tuesday post. I was hoping to share something humorous, but it’s hard to find humor these days without a political spin. Monday evening I came across a posting by my North Carolina neighbor giving instructions on how to tie the CDC Carrot Nymph. My first thought was is he working for the CDC? (Centers for Disease Control) On second thought, I decided that carrots and nymphs probably weren’t disease related.

I knew my North Carolina neighbor, Gordon, was a fishing guide in the Smoky Mountains, but I had no idea he had a YouTube channel!

 What could be more fitting for a blog that celebrates the past and future than a post about the timeless art of tying fishing flies? According to  Fishing Museum  http:

“The first mention of fly fishing is in The Treatyse of Fishing with an Angle, published in 1496… . If you want to read more about The Treatyse visit the “origins” page“.


So, if any of our readers like fly fishing, here is one of my neighbor Gordon’s videos.



Should you be interested in a fly fishing trip in our beautiful Smoky Mountains, visit Gordon on his website for information.



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