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Seeking Peace-State of the Union

8 Feb

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis


I am pleased, thrilled actually, that I made it through the State of the Union speech without mental fireworks. Much of what we see on the news are selectively chosen sound bites to put forth the narrative of the outlet. Sound bites are deceptive and I shudder to think how sound bites of my words could be contrived to say something completely different from my intentions.

Sound bites don’t require a media outlet to feed our brains.

We do it to ourselves when we mentally replay out of context words from conversations. It seems to be easier to focus on negative words than the positive ones.

Okay, back to the SOTU speech. The things that steal my peace are usually not the words spoken but all the standing or not standing, clapping or not clapping.




The SOTU is supposed to be serious, not a drama show. I try to watch speeches live to avoid sound bites deception and I did watch this speech live, BUT I did not watch the screen.  I highly recommend this method!


Love: Love finds a way to not feed anger. (I am a work in progress. Blew it big yesterday)

Joy:  Joy is like pouring water on a fire.

Peace: Our church posted this verse on their Facebook page.



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