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The Robin Diaries- Part 3

30 Jun
Bird Nest

Bird Nest (Photo credit: Sikachu!)

Speak Up Saturday

Patricia Franklin

Well, it has been 8 days since I first saw the nest. At night, the robins are active and singing until after dark. The female will go sit on the nest and the male will be on a branch somewhere nearby. He will let her know if there is anyone or anything lurking around. Then they will call to each other – and a few neighboring robins (it seems) to say goodnight. It reminds me of the Waltons… Goodnight John Boy, Goodnight Elizabeth, Goodnight Grandpa!

We had quite a rain last night and there was little activity early today, but by noon both male and female were busily flying in and out of the nest. They do not leave it unattended. I have not been able to determine if they are just freshening it from the effects of wind and rain, or if the eggs have hatched (a little early I would think for that).

If they are like humans, the little ones come at the worst time (during a big storm). Our daughter was born around 8:00 pm on a night when there were so many babies that they put me in a linen closet, and no one found me until the shift change at 11:00. The startled nurse asked me if I was going to have a baby and I said I already did! Luckily I observed them putting bracelets on both of us, and I knew what she looked like, so we finally got together. Our son, was born on the night of a snowstorm and I just barely made it to the hospital.

Will keep an eye on the birds and let you know what comes next.

Speak Up Saturday- The Robin Diaries Part 2

23 Jun
Robin nest

Robin nest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Robin Diaries

 Patricia Franklin

I keep a watch out my kitchen window, but have only seen the robins in the early mornings flying in and out. I am puzzled because when I walk by the nest it is empty. They have a nice big deep nest, so maybe the eggs are in the bottom where they will stay warm without the parents. Or maybe she is hunkered down inside there too. Or maybe, I am thinking, she might be one of these modern mothers who can leave the nest during the day because she designed it so she doesn’t have to be there to sit on it all the time, but can be out running around like the modern mothers of today.

I know the dove surprised me last year with two beautiful babies one morning when they were fully grown. She sat on top of the nest so I could not see them. I wonder what will happen with the robins. My biggest fear is the neighbor’s big black cat that has caught some birds in my backyard before, will come after them. Maybe Frank will have to build a fence around the bush. I don’t think that will happen because he is not going to let a hay crop grow until they hatch as he did last year. He is cutting the lawn right now, so I better get out and guard my little flock while I can.

1 Corinthians 16:13

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