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Rhythm Band

25 Nov

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Author, Poet and ArtistIn our Sunday school class, we have two drums. One is a Remo lollipop drum on a stick. I bought it at a consignment shop. It has a wonderful sound, and is beautiful with red, green, and blue stripes going around its face. I played it one day in church because it went with my bright red top. The other is a frame drum made by the same company. It would remind you of a tambourine with a drum top but no little cymbals. It also has a strong sound. Every Sunday during the Sunday school, but not in church, children play rhythm instruments and sing while the church music mistress plays the keyboard. Bill comes in to sing and pray with us and the assistant teacher is there too.

The two drums are always the first instruments the kids pick up. We have two ankle bracelets with big bells on them, a crow call, a stick tambourine, a wheel thing that makes a nice sound with metal ball chains, two sets of maracas. Something I’ve never seen before that my friend/associate teacher got at a thrift store is a bunch of plastic bubbles on a stem that hit together when you shake it. We have a triangle too. It is metal and has a metal mallet that makes a clear, ringing sound.

The only problem with the drums and crow call is that the ball on the end of the mallet of each gets such a work out that they take to popping off and having to be chased across the floor (not far) and stuck on again. Bill glues them, but the kids are so enthusiastic that they soon come loose again.

It’s fun to see how the newbies are usually at a loss as to how or when to play, but as the weeks pass, they become more and more integrated and sometimes we all play the same tempo and end at the same time. It must do a lot for us to learn to play together that way and to become cooperative and aware. It’s fun anyhow. Rhythm band anyone?

Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together, there I am in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

Does that mean even when we’re making a clatter? I believe it does, don’t you?

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