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Giovanni and the Magnolia Tree

29 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites



Hot pink flowers growing through green grass

Yellow cosmos glowing to be seen

Cherry laurel with a network of roots

Choke the yard. Call them choke-cherries.

A neighbor who owns a store knocks

On our door, wants to know if he can chop our

Chokers that grow yellow, inedible seed pods

That drop to the ground like accomplices to

The network of underground roots that choke out all other vegetation.

“I have too much energy,” says Giovanni “don’t want to spend it at the fitness center.”

We said yes, but tied a ribbon to the small, misshaped baby Magnolia

Which yearned to be free of overshadowing.

On Sundays, sometimes, we’d hear the crack of the ax

Against a tree and the ker-thump when the giant fell.

We never had one pang of remorse.

We and the magnolia wanted sunlight and at least a glimpse of blue

When most of the cherry laurels were gone,

The magnolia began to grow.

It was warped and scraggly and would never be anything but a runt.

Didn’t look like other magnolias, but it was free now and perhaps someday we’d pick a big flower from its

Boughs and wouldn’t have to ask someone else in the neighborhood

For a blossom to put in on a bowl where it could fill our olfactories with

Fragrance and our eyes with its creamy white petals and bright yellow filaments.

One day, I suppose it was a few years later,

I happened to look out a high window

To see the Magnolia tree, though still not shapely,

Reaching with its grateful branches

Into blue background

Taller than the remaining cherry laurels

With every dark green leaf polished to a flash.

In my mind the tree

Told me all it had needed was light

And there it was, thriving,

Giovanni thrived, too

And fairly newly married has

Possessed a baby son,

Giovanni may be seen every day walking the

New walking child

On cold days the tot wears a thick white sweater with a fuzzy, matching cap.

Sometimes you see them with the stroller coming home from store up near the highway.

Maybe someday they will chop trees or hike the world just to be together and spend their energy.

And the magnolia with be white with flowers.

It is Always Too Soon to Quit

26 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders




Let your dream be bigger than your fear.
Hold on to your vision and persevere.
The fuel for your journey is a spark.
By perseverance the snail reached the ark.

Love always perseveres.
a force strong and true.
It motivates your best interests
and brings out the best in you.

Don’t despise the day of small things.
It is the small thing that forms
the framework of our day.
Keep an attitude of gratitude
as the Lord leads you to do
all things His way.

Father Jean Nicholas Grou wrote:
“Little things come daily, hourly, within
our reach, and they are no less calculated
to set forward our growth in holiness than
are the greater occasions which occur but
rarely. Moreover. fidelity in trifles. and an earnest
seeking to please God in little matters is a test of
real devotion and love.”

Let your aim be to please our dear Lord perfectly
in little things.”



22 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites



Why oh why must every thought

Demand to become a poem

That’s arrogant and demanding.

How can I put down my toothbrush

To write a poem?

How can I stop sweeping the floor

Folding laundry

Cooking supper

Going to the bank?

To write poems, poems, poems

How can I take the time to type them?

So they’ll not be lost?


19 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders



Mindfulness is being aware of this moment.
Listen to your heart.
Your life matters.
Live it fully from the start.

Water the seed of optimism.
Have a love affair with life.
Think positive thoughts
and you will drive away the strife.

How will being mindful
help you with your pain?
Being aware of God’s presence
will bring peace to your heart again.



Credit to CrossCards.com

Ironing 1950

15 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites


Painting by DiVoran Lites from Go West



Whoever you iron for

Whatever you iron

Shirts, pillowcases, skirts,

Dresses, jeans, tea towels,

You are ironing to caress

And to earn a dollar a week

For the basketful.

Hanging Out the Clothes

8 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites


Author, Poet and Artist




Hanging Out the Clothes 1950


Painting by DiVoran Lites from Go West


Under the clothesline.

Light layer of snow on the ground

Mother bends down and reaches up

Bends down and reaches up

She tells me this is how the cord

Got wrapped around my neck

Before I was born


She teaches me how to hang clothes on the line

I like the pinching clothespins best

But we still have some old wooden ones

From which you can make dolls with round faces

We only have so many clothespins

Use only one to clip like things together

Shirts, Towels, jeans, dresses, sock,

A lone sock requires its own clothespin

Oh-oh, here’s dad’s boxer shorts

Upside down or by the waist?

When it’s time to take them in

Everything has frozen

The boxers stand on the table

It’s the perfect time to start ironing

But day is done and shadows fall

Don’t let your age determine your dream!

5 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders



How Old is Old?
Your mind is not controlled by a
calendar page.
Let your dream be bold
There are blessings as we age.


People don’t expect as much from us.
That’s actually a blessing, you know.
When you do come up with “wisdom
from above”
You can stand back and glow.


“When we do the best we can,
we never know what miracle is
wrought in our life. or in the life
of another”

Helen Keller



The Power of Words

29 Dec

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders



Choose your words carefully
for they are powerful. you’ll agree.
They can encourage one’s heart
and turn sadness into glee.

How does one express love?
How do you define it?
It stems from the heart.
There is hope and promise in it.


“Colors fade, temples crumble,
empires fall.
but wise words endure”.
Edward Thorndike


Words of love
“Therefore comfort one another with these words”
1 Thesalonians 4:18

God gave you a gift of of 86,400 seconds today.
Have you used one to say “Thank you”?


Can You Hear It?

22 Dec

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders



Every day is a blessing from above.
Thank God for His promises.
We thrive on His love!


Keep looking up, dear friend.
That’s where your future lies.
I am always spellbound
when I gaze up at the skies.


I can hear God whisper,
“I did all this for you.”
The clouds are white and billowy
floating in a sky so blue.


Just stand still and listen.
God’s promises have no end.
“I wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year my friend.”


Welcome to Gibsonville

15 Dec

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders



Welcome to Gibsonville

(My fantasy village)

It is a small, inviting Fantasy Land
with one main street-
but very well planned.


There are five single family homes,
a boarding house, a church, a bank ,
and department store, a gas station,
ski slope and an ice skating rink.
Practically everything you’ll need,
ask for or think.


Oh, I forgot to mention-
There is a pub in the town.
That probably explains why
one of the skaters keeps falling down.


All of this begins under the Christmas tree.
and extends across the floor-
truly a delight to see.


Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
All within our view.
My dearest wish for all of you
is “A Merry Christmas that warms your heart
and makes all of your dreams come true”.


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