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I Am So Over Polls-Are You?

23 Oct

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

In years past, I enjoyed answering telephone polling questions. I felt I was being given an opportunity to have a voice.

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I have been on the “outs” with political polls since 1992. That is the year I realized polls were being used to shape elections. That those running for office adjusted their campaign talking points based on what was polling well, not what they planned to do once elected. And we wonder why the people we send to Washington don’t deliver what they promised.

21st Century polls evolved further into not simply asking questions but shaping a narrative. Adjust the question/answer formula and one can manipulate the outcome. I am not fond of manipulation, are you?

2020 elections have added a new component to polls….fear. In this digital age of data mining, one’s answers and even their phone numbers can be sold. With the media fanning fears of Civil War, this is troubling.

Have you received a polling phone call or text this year? I always feel bad for the person placing the call. Must be a tough job.


Recently I was contacted once by text and once by phone. The text asked my choice for President. I responded undecided. On the phone call I gave approval to both candidates and declared myself undecided. I kind of like giving the undecided answer. I mentally picture someone analyzing the stats, frantically wondering how to convert the undecided votes.


I mentioned earlier that I don’t like to be manipulated, but I do get a kick out of trying to manipulate the manipulators.

I love this picture!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

PS Thank you for not posting any candidate or party specific comments.

I'm a winner

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