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22 Jun

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Onisha Ellis



Computer Update

My current computer is not willing to give up its data. In fact, it will not even agree to join the same network. It seems computers have control issues too. Fortunately, I had scheduled a session with tech support to give me a tour of all the new bells and whistles today and I will ask them for help. I will post an update after the session.

Computer Update 2

The bells and whistles session was a dud, but the gentleman was very kind and sent me to Teach Support with instructions to schedule a new learning session.  First level tech support was stumped. He transferred me to escalated support who suggested scrapping the whole computer to computer route and using my back up drive. That worked perfectly EXCEPT Microsoft Word didn’t make the cut and I need to reinstall. Oh joy. I am pretty sure the program was a download. What to do???





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