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30 Mar

The Storyteller Almanac


Greetings All,

This weeks episode in my podcast series, “The Storyteller Almanac” is a little special and different. It’s a conversation with a wonderful lady named Kaye Malins. Kay resides in Marceline, MO. – the boyhood home of Walt Disney. But the story surely doesn’t stop there. Kaye knew both Walt and Roy Disney. In fact she lives in the house where the Disney family lived while in Marceline, MO. What’s more, when Kaye was about 18, she was sought out and hired by Walt and Roy Disney to come to work at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. 

You may have read or heard stories about Walt Disney. But Kaye offers a very unique perspective with her stories about the man having known a side of Walt that was much more than his professional or public persona. Well worth the listen especially if you’re a Disney fan or a Disney Cast Member.

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I’ve been ‘clickin’ the shutter since I was about 16. I morphed into video production when I went to work for The Walt Disney Company many years ago. Currently, I still work for Disney. But my real passion and path is utilizing my photography and multimedia skill sets for the greater good. Translated, anything or anybody that deserves recognition, appreciation or documenting for future history, I’m all over it. Too many important things just slip away in a fast moving, fast paced world / society. ‘If ya’ wanna know where you’re going, ya’ gotta know where ya’ come from’ (Sir Lawrence Olivier – The Jazz Singer 1980). 

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