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My Blog Tour

13 Jul

My Take

DiVoran Lites


Who would have thought I’d be doing a “blog tour?” Do you know what that is? I didn’t until recently. It’s where you are interviewed on blogs like this one about books you have written. The company who is managing the tour, Orchestrating  Your Blog Tour, created this graphic for the tour.



I’ve enjoyed getting ready for it. I like writing down answers to an interview rather than speaking them into a microphone with the possibility that I might have to defend something I’ve said.

I’ve had some adventures during this time of publishing Go West. We in the business of writing romances call my type Sweet Historical Romances (which means clean).

    1. I’ve met other authors on-line who write in various genres and become friends on Face Book. The group I’m interfacing with now is called, “Pioneer Hearts.” If you write historical romances, you can join too. I’ve noticed all kinds of groups on Face Book. I didn’t know how many I was beginning to accumulate. Well, really only three. I now belong to, “Pioneer Hearts,” “Christian Poets and Writers,” and “Artists Journal Workshop,” You could probably also find new friends who like what you like.
    2. I’ve been inspired to get back in touch with the Center for Journal Therapy where I learned to journal in ways that have helped me for decades. Though it is not overtly Christian, the book, “Journal to the Self,” opened up new freedoms in prayer and understanding and now I’m signed up for a class called, “Capturing Your Family Stories.” It sounds fascinating. I can hardly wait! Hey, maybe they’re on Face Book, too.
    3. I have learned how much it really means to have my books read and appreciated. I know reading Go West will be quick in comparison with writing it. Writing resembles cooking an elaborate meal that takes a long, careful time to prepare. But still, I’ll enjoy having it in print and on Kindle at Amazon and here at home. One of my childhood dreams was to have a book on a library shelf. Now three of my books live at our public library system here at home, and in the Orlando Library system, too. Dreams can be fulfilled, thanks to a tremendous amount of help from Our Lord and wonderful people like my family and friends, old and new. Bless you.


If you would like, head over to Rebekah Lyn Books and enter to win one of five prizes I am giving away to celebrate Go West. The art cards are a limited edition I painted just for this giveaway!


Old Hat, New Look

10 Jul

My Take

DiVoran Lites


Onisha saw my post on Facebook about my new novel, Go West and said I should use it as my post for today. I am busy this week with a virtual blog tour. More on that on Thursday or you can hop over to Rebekah Lyn Books to get in on the tour and giveaway.


Photo by Melody Hendrix


Here’s the picture on the back of my new novel, Go West.  This is Bill’s cowboy hat, everyone in the family has worn it at one time or another. In this case it represents my “sweet” Historical Western Romance. I loved writing the book. You can get it from Amazon. I hope you’ll love reading it.





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