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Back in Florida

6 Sep

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis


Fall is in the air. Mornings on our porch in the North Carolina mountains have been a delight, softly cool with entertainment provided by battling hummingbirds, and hungry cardinals and finches. Then the time arrived to return to Florida to spend time with family and friends. We usually return to Florida later in September but Mercy Me was performing at EPCOT on September 4th as part of the Food and Wine Festival, and we wanted to attend.

On Tuesday we drove from our home on the coast, to Orlando. Let me tell you, fall has not arrived in Florida!  Fortunately there was a breeze which made the temperature less oppressive.



I can’t remember the last time that we were at EPCOT during the Food and Wine Festival. It must have been quite a while as the different food booths showcasing  international cuisine were once small structures. Now they are charmingly decorated buildings about the size of a Tiny house.



I enjoy the landscaping at Disney and often get ideas for mixing different flowering plants. I was impressed this year with their widespread use of coleus. They tend to wilt in extreme heat and theirs were perky as if they had been fresher watered. It may be that Disney uses coleus every year, but I avoid theme parks during the warm months.



The Food and Wine Festival offers free (after you pay for admission, of course) concerts each night of the festival in an outdoor theatre. We had great seats and since I don’t attend concerts often, I was fascinated with all the colored lights.


The music was fantastic and we enjoyed every minute of it. Mercy Me’s songs speak to the heart. The performance was energetic and humorous While the band was setting up for the next song, the lead singer, Bart Millard came forward and sang Because He LIves, acapulco, then gave a big grin and said “I wanted to be able to say I sang that at EPCOT.

After the concert we met up with a friend for supper and spent a pleasant hour catching up and trying to talk him into visiting us in the mountains. Even with the less than cool temperatures, we had a wonderful time sharing my favorite 3 Fs- Fun, Food and Fellowship. I will have to wait for my final favorite F until we return to the mountains-Fall


A full listing of the groups playing this year can be found HERE

The Isaiah 53 Project blog shared an interesting post about one of Mercy Me’s  hit songs,  I Can Only Imagine. You may have seen the movie.

If you enjoyed it, you could vote for it in the E People’s Choice Award by clicking HERE





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