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Cuban Tree Frogs in Florida

22 Oct

My Take


DiVoran Lites 

I must write something down. I can’t talk until I do.

It’s about Cuban tree frogs.

I have one in my shedlette.

He’s been around for about three years.


I think I know his mom, but she has moved on.

He lived with his sister under the porch eave and would startle when I ran the broom to take down spider webs.

Now he lives in my shedlette.

When I was moving a bag of fertilizer, he leapt down to the next shelf and hid.

I jumped back.

He’s much bigger now, but I think he’s alone.

Cuban tree frogs are exotics and shouldn’t be allowed to exist in Florida.

They eat green tree frogs.

It’s true, you used to see them by the dozens.

I love green tree frogs. Their golden racing stripes are real gold from God.

You’re supposed to kill Cuban tree frogs. The tree huggers say so.

Put them in a plastic bag and shove them in the freezer.

My friend knew that.

My son and I talked about it one day in front of his children, but they kept saying, “No, no, don’t do it”

So the Cuban is still here.

I  couldn’t do it anyway, but I know someone who knows someone who can.

Susan wanted to be a responsible Floridian.

However, she didn’t want her freezer full of Cuban Tree Frogs.

She has about a ga-zillion of them.

She chopped two in half with a hoe.

She felt so bad she decided not to do it ever again.

She says, “I could never kill them all no matter how hard I try.”

They hole up in her garage during hurricanes and they die and dry. “What can you do with a dried Cuban tree frog,” she says, “except make jewelry out of it?” Susan is an artist. She makes lemonade out of lemons.

Anyhow, she’s right. I feel so much better. I only have one Cuban Tree Frog and really—I don’t have to think about killing him anymore. I never was going to anyhow.

Exodus 20:13




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