Here, Kitty, Kitty Episode Eight

1 Oct

My Take

DiVoran Lites

When we adopted Thea, we got an invitation for a free visit at the SPCA Wellness Center if we got there within a month. I didn’t want to pass that up, so I wrote it on my calendar. It has almost been a month since she came to live with us. Oh, my how time doth fly!

I sprayed an old towel for her carrier with something that’s supposed to make cats feel peaceful. All was well, no resistance, no meowing. 

Thea weighsseven pounds, which really isn’t a lot, but when I added my purse to her weight and the carrier’s, it was all I could do to lug her to the car. When we arrived, I went into the wrong office, and the only reason I got in there was because a very nice man jumped up and opened the door for me. He had a tuxedo cat too and we had just settled in for a conversation about our pets when the associate came to tell me we belonged in the next building over. She took Thea’s carriage while I drove my car over there.

In the examining room, I let Thea out onto the steel table then kept my hands busy all over her silken fur to keep her from jumping down. Finally, the assistant came in and said I could let her explore. Thea did that then while we waited she got under my chair and relaxed. She usually wants to be where either Bill or I am, plus, I was playing soft music on my phone.

There wasn’t much to the exam. The vet asked if she coughed or threw up or had diarrhea. No, no, no. They asked how well she ate and drank and eliminated. I had a question as to whether she was getting enough water or not and the vet assured me that she wasn’t dehydrated. I decided to just give her wet food and keep making a sauce out of it with water.

When we finished with the young woman vet, an even younger assistant carried Thea to the car. This time Thea fought being crated, but I think she was afraid she was going somewhere besides home with me.

I appreciated the free visit and the assurance that Thea was doing well. The SPCA is a group I would definitely deal with again, and I will probably take Thea there whenever we need a vet. After reading all the symptoms of allergies to vaccinations, pills, and shots of which there are many I told the assistant that Thea stays either on the screened-in porch or in the house at all times and that I would like to avoid using any more pharmaceuticals if possible. She wrote something down, so perhaps she took me seriously.

Home time and a thorough bath.

I’m not sure she will like this picture of herself. Lately, she has been gazing into the door mirrors in the hall, so she does know how beautiful she is and might be embarrassed by this picture. An interesting tidbit: I read that animals that are able to see themselves in mirrors are the best show animals. I’ve only had a couple who could.

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