Is this getting in the way of your happiness?

15 Sep

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles


Is this getting in the way of your happiness?



Reblogged September 15, 2018

The other day I got busy changing our bed sheets. Although I have no sight, it’s an easy task except for the fitted sheets.

The challenge is matching the right corners. And this particular time, no matter how much I turned the sheet, stretched, pulled and yanked, the corners just wouldn’t reach to fit around the mattress.

Could they have shrunk in the dryer? Or did the mattress grow in size? I don’t give up easily. So, I hopped on the bed to give more force to the effort.

While on my knees, to my surprise, I felt a large lump (we blind folks have to do everything by feel). In the middle of the bed was a blanket, all bunched up. No wonder the sheet didn’t fit, the big lump kept it from lying flat to fit around the corners.

Have you done that?

Not with bed sheets, but in life. You try to make it all fit, but something gets in the way. Something, elusive but real prevents life from being nice and smooth.

That something is the lump called misconceptions or mistaken expectations. We carry them with us. With a spring in our step, we move forward, whistling an upbeat tune, carrying our notion of how life should be. How it should go. And what it should include. We expect the right person to make us whole. The right job to bring security. The right doctor to bring a cure, the right counselor to help take our guild away.

But when none of that happens, life isn’t smooth. We’re undone, unsettled and incomplete.

We need to answer five questions.

The only way we can remove the lump of misconceptions is when we answer these five questions found in Psalm 102:2-5.

The Challenge

Here’s my challenge to you and myself too: Sit back, take a deep breath and commit to remove that lump of misconception of what WE think life should be. Instead, we relish in the truth that God’s power wrapped in love removed guilt by cleansing our sins through Jesus. We boldly claim the fresh confidence we now have, knowing he healed us. We wear that crown of His mercy and compassion that has our name on it. And we declare those desires sitting in the waiting room of our heart to be fulfilled. And then, with security in our step, we sing the victory that’s already ours.

Let’s Pray

Father, help me remove the lump of my own feeble misconception of what life should be. I ask for wisdom to recognize that you have the only way to make my life fit your plans, wonderfully good. In Jesus name.

What is the lump you need to remove?

I relish in your comments. Please let me know what you think. It means a lot to me.




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