Here Kitty Kitty Episode Five

10 Sep

My Take

DiVoran Lites


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This morning I was in the kitchen and Thea started scratching on the rug in the family room instead of on the scratching pad. She’s been doing so well with the pad, but apparently,she forgot it for a moment. Earlier, she went to the pad and scratched and then looked up at me ready for the single treat she getsfor scratching there. I laid the treat on the pad and she ate it. With her eyes and a little murr (meow-purr)she asked for more without having to use the pad again. No. So she went back to scratching and got her treatlegitimately. Cats seem to take a long time to train, so I am thrilled when she shows she’s been watching and listening.

When I heard her scratching on the carpet in the family room which is connected with the kitchen, I said, “NO.” Startled, she collapsed onto her side with one of her paws in the air still scrabbling. She was so startled, I decided that yelling wasn’t the best way.


Photo by DiVoran


We can’t sleep with cats, we don’t even sleep with each other. We’ve reached the age where sleeping can be difficult sometimes. The first night we let Thea sleep in the converted garage we call the studio, Bill scattered a few treats around the room so she would have something to do and feel more at home. The next morning most of the treats were gone, and the half-fullbag that Bill had hidden under a towel had been sliced and diced. She didn’t quite get to the treats, but we then knew to put the bag away next time.

One or the other of us has been to Petco once a week for food, litter box filler, and treats. I went one day to buy a couple of toys and a small cat tree. While I was there, I met a friend from Book Chat and her daughter and granddaughter. They have a new kitten to add to a mother cat and a grandmother cat. You see, it was this way: the sweet child with the short bob apprenticed at the SPCA for several weeks during the summer and naturally, she fell in love with a kitten, and her dear mother, who loves the animals as much as she does allowedher to adopt it.


Photo credit Unsplash


Leaving Thea for a minute…don’tworry, she’s right here on the couch in my office sleeping to the sound of computer keys…I will comment on the apprentice programs for children.

We were at Chick Fila last week and four or five 7-11 aged children followed a small woman in a red Chick Fila happily waiting for her to tell them what to do. That was the first time I knew children were getting work training in the summertime. It’s wonderful. Most children are capable of learning a great deal in that way. Oh, how I would have loved either job: animals or a café. Oh well, come to think of it, those were the jobs I had as a child and very satisfying they were, too.

I just picked up Thea and walked through the house with her. She looked up and asked a couple of times with her little murrs what we were doing. Told her were just stretching our legs. She’s back on the couch again, sleeping as though she had never been interrupted.


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