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Mother was frugal with Dad’s Army pay, but she made sure that my brother and I enjoyed life while daddy was overseas. More than once we walked downtown to buy a ten cent glass toy to put in the window of our upstairs apartment. We named the elephants, puppies and cats window toysbecause when set in an upstairs window of our apartment they shed glorious color into the living room.

Some nights when it was time for bed, I watched Mother get out my coloring book and crayons, and I knew that when I woke the next morningMother would have colored a picture for me. That made me happy, and I’m sure the peaceful activity was a relaxer for Mother, too. Later on, she became an oil painter, and when I was older, I took up painting too.



Some Sunday afternoons if a suitable movie came to town mother took us to a matinee. We had never experienced anything except children’s books and radio, so the beauty of Disney’s Technicolor captured all our hearts.

“Snow White” showed me how important working together and caring for each other was.

“Pinocchio,” informed me of the awful consequences of lying.

“Dumbo,” told me you could do anything if you were born with a talent and practiced it.

“Bambi,” had the most profound effect telling me that mothers can die. I cried and cried when Bambi’s mother was shot by the hunters. I can still see Bambi…brown with white spots, and Thumper in his gray suit. Was there a fire?. I seem to see one in my mind’s eye, bright red. I still love beautiful movies, though, and probably always will.

When I was twelve I got new glasses that improved my sight as long as I wore them. At seventy-five I had my cataracts removed and new lenses inserted. I could now see color and everything else with great clarity. I could read without glasses because I opted for a reading lens. Right out of the operating room I began raving about the colors of the flowers, the sky… the trees. “Oh, oh, look over there, isn’t that beautiful?” I rejoiced.

Sometimes I wonder why our dear Lord gave us so much color and such gorgeous hues that no paint can match. He could have given us a world of Thumper color. But He didn’t. What a generous, benevolent God we have. Thank you, Jesus.

One Response to “Colors”

  1. Onisha Ellis June 13, 2018 at 10:24 pm #

    Being a mom while the men were away fighting had to be hard. Your mom seems to have handled it with kindness and creativity.

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