Friends Old and New

28 Apr

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

This past week has been filled with appointments but we did find time on Sunday afternoon to hang out with precious friends, also know as “The Old Group.” Now that I think about it, I don’t know that I like that name!  We started out as young married folks. Over the years we have drifted apart and reconnected. We survived the “seven year itch”, 2 am feedings, raising teens and sweet Pam, our hostess has shown us with her courage and faith in Christ that we can survive the loss of our beloved spouse. We are blessed.

Tomorrow, an incredibly talented artist and author who I met on Facebook, Vicky Kaseorg, will be undergoing a mastectomy. I decided to reblog her post to share her trust in the savior and ask you to join in prayers for her. If you enjoy purchasing art or like me, take pleasure in it’s beauty, click on the link for her gallery.

Red Snails in the Sunset: Preparing for the Mastectomy

Tomorrow is the big day, the day I trust that God has given the doctors wisdom and guidance as they remove my breast, and hopefully eradicate my cancer. I have a lot to do today, including picking up beloved sister Amy from the airport who will spend ten days with me, at my beck and call. I couldn’t ask for a better caretaker. She is fun, competent, and kind. If anyone can bring cheer to this less than cheery occasion, it is Amy. I am blessed by passels of friends eager to bring food or whatever I need.

It may be a scary day, but it is day that I am engulfed by the love of God, family, and friends. What a beautiful life I have!

I spent my penultimate day as a two-breasted woman cataloguing more art from my attic, and then kayaking. I was so busy, that I mostly forgot about being worried. God is good. He knew just what I needed and He provided. (I could have done without the 30 mph headwinds on the river, but again, God’s plans are immutable.)

Despite hard work battling the wind, Kayaking was great. It was, as usual, gorgeous and peaceful. One rest session, while I sat in the water watching the herons, a skidoo pulled up and the driver asked if I could “watch his boat a sec.” I warned him I could watch it drift away, but I was under doc orders not to be hauling heavy skidoos in 30 mph headwinds. He nodded and pulled it safely to shore. (I get the oddest requests…

Be sure to continue on to the rest of the post. You will enjoy the paintings!
Link to her gallery HERE.

Source: The Writing on the Wall: Red Snails in the Sunset: Preparing for the Mastectomy

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