Spring Clean Fling~Part 1

29 Feb

My Take

 DiVoran Lites

Old House

Author, Poet and ArtistAt one time I had a woman come in and clean every other week. I had to get two more cleaners one at a time before I went back to not cleaning myself. One woman got a different job, one moved away, and the last one wanted more money than I thought I should pay. It was, after all, an indulgence. I was then on my own as I had pretty much always been.

I took some classes at church and I went online to learn from Fly Lady. Have you heard of that site? Our daughter introduced her aunt Judy and me to it several years ago. I didn’t think Judy needed it, though, because she has been a military wife all her grown-up years and has kept house beautifully. Eventually I stopped Fly Lady, but lately I went back to it. She knows all my dirty little secrets and helped me change my ways. The strange thing was, I enjoyed it.

Bill is decluttering too. He gives me gifts that he purchased a long time ago and put away for the right time. He also gives me books I’ve asked him to read. I wondered where those went. I like the craft scissors he gave me, and there was a letter from my mother who died some time ago.

When I clean now, I remember my grandmother teaching me to wash windows with cold water, vinegar, and newspaper. She had a great fix for dirty ovens, too. She laid a stack of newspapers on a rack, saturated it with household ammonia, and shut up in the oven overnight. In the morning all we had to do was wipe out the oven. I’m into green now, but the memories are good.

Mother liked a clean house too. She, however, spent so many hours on her feet at the restaurant we owned that she decided to pay me to clean once a week. I did a huge basket of ironing every week for a dollar, as well. I like to iron, but I got behind on Bill’s shirts this year, so I’ve recently concentrated on catching up. The best thing about ironing when the kids were young was watching the old black and white movies on T. V. while the kids played in the sandbox. Eventually I had to iron less and less because of the changes in fabrics, but Bill and I both still like his cotton Hawaiian shirts, and to us, they need to be ironed.

One Response to “Spring Clean Fling~Part 1”

  1. Old Things R New February 29, 2016 at 11:24 am #

    When you think about it, Spring cleaning has been going on for centuries. I wonder if there is an article somewhere that tells the history of Spring cleaning.


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