It’s Junk!

24 Jan


Judy Wills




I sometimes have a difficult time buying presents for Fred – birthdays, Christmas, just because I want to….   And especially at this point of time in our lives, when we really have everything we need, it’s difficult. Now it’s more “wants” or just things that I think he might enjoy.

And this has been a trend throughout our married life. Unfortunately.

And so it was, many years ago, when we lived in Panama City, Florida (Tyndall AFB), that I found myself down at the marina with some girlfriends. There are some really neat shops down there, as well as some great eateries, and we were quite immersing ourselves in that atmosphere. We wandered into a little shop, and I was just looking around, just to see what treasures they had. Of course, it was a lot like a “tourist trap” that we see too often in those places.

But then I looked up and saw it……….the perfect thing for Fred’s wall! It was a framed “picture” of an old 1903 Mercedes! He had often said he would love to own a Mercedes in his lifetime. Perfect! Of course, it’s on black velvet (don’t groan – it gets better!), and it’s made up of the neatest stuff – a piece of vinyl and some trim,



a thimble here and there,



an old TV dial,



hair clips,


a safety pin,



a shoe tap,


a door hinge,




an old can-opener-key,



well, you get the picture. It is so unique. So I purchased it, took it home and surprised Fred with it. He was delighted!

It’s been on our wall ever since, and we enjoy looking at it.

I was showing it to a friend one time, and asked what she thought about it. Her comment? “It’s junk!” BOY! Did that deflate my balloon!

Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? I just think of the creativity of the artist that put it all together. And we still enjoy it!


One Response to “It’s Junk!”

  1. Bill January 24, 2016 at 9:03 am #

    Judy, I think its cool.


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