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24 Dec

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I haven’t written a blog since Thanksgiving. Thankfully, I am blessed with amazing and faithful friends who have a blog ready every week. They even “blog ahead” when they are on vacation or know they have a busy time coming up.  Divoran, Bill, Louise, Janet and Judy, I appreciate and admire you more than you can imagine. You are  invisible gifts underneath my Christmas tree.

Yesterday, tornados slashed a path of destruction across the Southeast, leaving homes in ruin and lives were lost. I am adding safety and protection as an invisible gift under the tree.

At Christmas people say “it is not the gift, it is the thought behind it” or “It’s not the presents under the tree but the people around it.” For me it is the invisible gifts that last far longer than the newest tech gadget (although I love new tech) or a piece of shiny jewelry, that stays with me. I treasure growing up in a family that loved the Savior. My parents are a precious invisible gift.Mom-and-Dad-copyI could ramble on and list more gifts, but it is Christmas Eve and I would rather here from you. When you think of invisible gifts, what are you thankful for.

PS: Our sweet poet, Louise Gibson is not doing well. We would appreciate prayers for her and her family as they care for her.

One Response to “Invisible GIfts”

  1. divoran09 December 25, 2015 at 10:48 am #

    I liked your Thursday blog.


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