Five questions and answers for a victorious life.

3 Oct

Walking by Faith, not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles

Janet Eckles Perez

This past Saturday night, I, hubby, and our two grandkids sat on lawn chairs at a nearby park. All was dark except for the screen playing the movie, “Cinderella.” Grandkids wiggled with excitement at this fun outside movie theatre.

“Are there hot dogs around here?” my 5-year-old grandson asked.

Hot dogs? He knows how I feel about junk food. His 7-year-old older sister knows they are not a healthy option. In fact, she’s quick to tell others about their unhealthy ingredients.

I glanced toward him and gave a slight frown. “Kam, don’t you remember what I told you?” I said, “hot dogs aren’t good for you. They have toxins.”

“Nana,” he said with the same conviction of a politician, “I like them. You don’t. We all have different taste buds.”

What? He didn’t trust my assertion of the truth and at his age, he questioned my teaching?

Hiding a tad of shame, I questioned God, too. I hesitated in believing in His ability to hold me steady during storms, to soothe my soul when tragedy struck, and to restore my life again.

But my belief increase when Job’s story was told of the pain, the loss, and the suffering he endured. He first complained until his friends said: “Quit quarreling with God! Agree with Him and you will have peace at last.” (Job 22:21, The LB-Paraphrased)

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