Old Things R New Blogger Dinner

22 Jan

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner

Our Old Things R New annual blogger dinner was last night. I spent the week looking forward to  the laughter and fellowship. As I thought about the blog and the wonderful people I blog with, I realized again how blessed  I was and I wanted to do something to  recognize their work and faithfulness. My daughter, Rebekah suggested certificates. At first, I balked, but as I thought about it, I grew to like the idea. It was something I could create  for them.

Since we don’t all live in the same town, we met at a High Tide Harry’s Seafood restaurant. It’s location was convenient for those coming from the east and the ones from the south.photo

We started the dinner off talking hard and fast. It was a challenge to  find an open moment to say a few words about the blog and give them a quick overview of the progress we have made. Our goal has always been to write and share, having readers is a lovely bonus. Our one disappointment was that our blogger/poetess, Louise Gibson  did not feel well enough to attend.

I had been looking forward to this dinner all  week and it did not disappoint So here is our “official” blogger dinner photo. (subject to change if someone took a better photo)

Fred (husband of Judy) Divoran,Bill, Judy, me and Janet

Fred (husband of Judy) Divoran,Bill, Judy, me and Janet

I held off giving out the certificates until the dinner was over . I mean how can you hold  a certificate and eat at the same time? I almost waited too long because suddenly everyone was leaving!  I went for drama and cried STOP!  It was fun giving them out and each one had a gold seal of thanks on it. Since Louise wasn’t able to attend I decided to post a photo of her certificate.  We were pleased her daughters joined us. as well as my husband and daughter. We really are a blogger family.


I’m already looking forward to next year’s dinner.

Here is a quiz for you. Match the award to the blogger. I already gave you one free!

Most Comments

Most Adventourous

Most Nostalgic

Most Inspriational

Most Viewed

Leave your guesses in comments and you just may win a prize!!

ps…. If I had created an award for myself it would have been Most Procrastinating!

2 Responses to “Old Things R New Blogger Dinner”

  1. Delores January 22, 2015 at 5:50 pm #

    Louise – Most Viewed
    Bill – Most Adventurous
    Janet – Most Inspirational
    Judy – Most Nostalgic
    Divoran – Most Coments


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