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19 Jan

My Take

DiVoran  Lites

Author, Poet and ArtistAre you a seeker? I am. I have found what I was seeking for when it came to spiritual sustenance, and that was Jesus and the Holy Bible. Still I like to think of myself as open to new ways of thinking about prayer, living the Christian life, faith, and healing.

I also like to study about natural, or as it is sometimes called, holistic healing. I regularly go to an extraordinary healer who is a chiropractor and keeps me in good shape, and a homeopath from whom I order custom remedies for various things that might be ailing me. She uses a Zyto which is a computer program that maps a person’s individual body and tells what’s going on there. The biggest differences in these two kinds of healing and regular pharmaceutical treatments are that they heal instead of holding symptoms at bay. For instance, one can be permanently de-sensitized to allergies instead of simply getting shots for the rest of one’s life. .

I like to read good books about natural healing too. Apparently cancer can often be healed by natural means. I want to know about that, don’t you? These two books have recently come to my attention.

Outsmart your Cancer, by Tanya Harter Pierce, M.A., MFCC and Cancer – Free, Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing, by Bill Henderson & Carlos M. Garcia, MD.

I’ve recently finished Dr. Gallagher’s Guide to 21st Century Medicine, by Martin P. Gallagher, M. S., D. C., which tells exactly how to stay healthy without drugs.

We want to thank our Lord for showing us these wonderful ways of healing as well as for the times when we needed regular medical intervention and it was available to us.

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