Onigiri and the Like

6 May

Jacob gives us a recap of his activity in Japan. Be sure to visit his blog for more frequent updates~Onisha


SO TASTY ART This was our glorious platter, from which we created art

Alright, it’s been a busy week, so there’s gonna be some recap here. It starts last weekend, when Friday finally came and I decided to go to an Onigiri party that some club at school was hosting. After classes (Of which I have one, first period on Friday morning) I had nothing to do until 6 PM that night. Daniel and I were in a similar boat, so we decided to explore because why the heck not.

So after meeting with my Nihongo Partner and having an awkwardly quiet lunch with her friends, we headed out into the wild world. To be fair, the lunch was mostly silent due to my misunderstanding of Japanese, which was evidenced by one of my greetings. When she introduced me to her first friend, she said “Hajimemashite” (はじめまして), which means “Nice to meet you”…

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