A New Writing Tips Book for Authors

1 May

In April, I had the opportunity to proofread 52 Weeks of Writing Tips by author and editor Bob Nailor. I was impressed with the subjects covered and the brief, concise manner. In my review I called it a “total package” Since Elyse Salpeter is a fine writer and author herself, I decided to reblog her rather than write my own post since I have company coming and if you live in the south, you know those are exciting words!

Elyse Salpeter

52weeks You know that saying “You can never stop learning?” It’s true. I always feel like I have something to improve upon. I love writing, but I’m privy to committing a lot of cardinal sins. It’s one of the reasons I desperately need an editor (and she points out every single one of those little buggers to me, too!)

I’ll be honest here – I’ve never been one to read long books about the craft of writing. Maybe it’s my attention span, maybe it’s my fantastical imagination, but I can never get into them. For me, the best way to learn the craft is in pieces at a time. That’s where author Bob Nailor comes in. He has been writing a special blog, featuring author writing tips, every week for over a year. He tackles one subject at a time, in small, manageable segments that are filled with examples and easy…

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One Response to “A New Writing Tips Book for Authors”

  1. itsrebekahlyn May 1, 2014 at 5:25 pm #

    I will have to check this book out!


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