How to Overcome Insecurities

12 Apr

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight
Janet Perez Eckles

As a teenager, I wish I had known how to overcome not only insecurities, but self-doubt and timidity, too. Like my monogrammed purse, I carried them everywhere. You would expect that at my age, I would have conquered them. Not so.

“It’s upside down, hanging on the pole,” hubby said as he stood looking out the patio door. “It ate all the bird seed.”

“What did?” Curiosity sparked in me.

When he told me it was a possum, I cringed. Although they’re God’s creatures, I dislike them more than a little. They rip our garbage bags, eat the eggs cute ducks lay, and ruin our yard. And to make it more disgusting, the bird seed we prepared for the birdies were now feeding the very creatures I so dislike. Yuck!

But sadly, that wasn’t the only time I fed something I disliked. I had been a pro at feeding my insecurities with lies—my friends won’t accept me if I say something wrong. Why try something new, I’ll surely fail.

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