Teodor Flonta – Author of A Luminous Future

3 Apr

Teodor is a gentle man, a loving grandfather and a wonderful author. His book, A Luminous Future is both heartwarming and historical. It is a story a two parents who wanted the best for their only child, who wanted him to know freedom. I highly recommend it.


Interview of the week – Teodor Flonta 

Teodor Flonta

A Luminous Future: Growing up in Transylvania in the Shadow of Communism:

English Edition published in 2012

Romanian Edition published in 2013

A Luminous Future, the title of Teodor’s book, is a catchphrase which the Communist Party, the only political party allowed in Romania, used to promise the population a better life. It was a lie, shamelessly repeated day by day, as the general condition of the population was worsening from year to year, culminating with the collapse of the regime at the end of 1989. In his memoir, Teodor offers a glimpse into what life of the ordinary citizen was like and how people learned to adapt and survive the persecution and censorship of the communist regime.

When did you leave Romania and why?

First of all, Madi, I would like to thank you so much for inviting me to this interview…

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