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23 Sep

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Author, Poet and Artist

I like good news better than bad news. My family had a toast, “Health, wealth, and happiness.” Options, solutions, suggestions on those subjects interest me. As a Christian, and a writer, I learn by reading the Bible and other spiritual literature. I learn by journaling, praying, going to church, and most of all by following the leading of the Holy Spirit who brings information into my life in many different ways, mainly by directing me in my reading. Here’s some general knowledge I’ve acquired lately.

  • In about fifteen years, it’s going to become possible to live forever.
  • “The Case for Immortality,” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.
  • America could have better schools, if we modeled them after the schools of some foreign countries. “Save Our Schools”
  •  Some doctors are treating their patients without requiring medical insurance. AARP bulletin, September, 2013

Ray Kurzwell, an inventor on a par with Edison, plans to live forever. However, the argument he gets most frequently isn’t, it can’t be done, but it’s this: only the rich will be able to afford the technology. Kurzwell’s, answer? “That’s what they said about cell-phones.”

Our school system seems to be about teaching children to take tests instead of encouraging them to love learning and to think for themselves. In contrast, Finland has the top-rated school system in the world. The secret is in the quality, training, and support of teachers. Although their government does pay for the education of their teachers, it’s not the politicians that are in control of the school system, but the excellent teachers who are earnest about their work, and well paid to boot.

In a growing trend, about 5,000 doctors in twenty-four states do not accept medical insurance. That gives them and their patients a chance at the best, most responsible and most reasonable care possible.

I just have one question. If I opt to live forever instead of living in fear of old age and debility, will I still have all the love, the income, and the health I’ll need to make life worthwhile?. I’m certainly looking forward to Heaven, but I can’t fully, imagine the splendors there. My life here is good, so I may have to make that decision someday. One thing I know: I’d rather imagine living forever, even here on earth, than to live in fear. I don’t want to put off enjoying life for some future time either. Being present in the present just makes everything so much more fun. How do you feel about good news versus bad news? It makes you think, anyhow.

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