Morning Song

31 Dec


According to Mary Harwell Sayler in her new book Poetry Dictionary for Children and for Fun, an aubade is: “a morning song. Sometimes it’s a love poem. Sometimes it’s a sad song, but ready or not, an aubade greets the dawn.”

Here’s an aubade for today, actually yesterday, because yesterday it was warm, today it’s cold.

Morning Song

Feed cats

Fill water bowls

Make coffee

Let cats out

Let cats in

“Good morning, husband.”

House chilly

Step out the door and into sunshine.

Tropical breeze

Take a walk

Vines in a yard hanging from a line

Purple flowers

A sycamore clatters brown leaves

“Trees of the field shall clap their hands.”*

Fallen leaves skitter, call, “come hither.”

Not yet!

Six-foot sunflowers, yellow duckies round their feet.

Turn back, work to do.

Thank God.

*Isaiah 55:12



2 Responses to “Morning Song”

  1. Mary Sayler, Director Christian Poets & Writers December 31, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    Love it! And thanks for the plug on the poetry dictionary for kids – as in kids of all ages 🙂 God bless your New Year.



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