Same-o, Same-o

12 Nov

My Take

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Do you ever-read self-help books, and inspirational literature that tells you to get out of your rut, go a different way to work every day, take a risk, change the way you think and dress? I read them and sometimes I try the suggestions, but there’s a lot to be said for routine, as well.

A famous writer once said that if you take a walk in the same place every day things will become familiar so that when they change slightly you’ll know right away. The woods where I walk are so beautiful and natural I can’t think of a reason to go anywhere else, but occasionally I go down to the river with a friend and her sweet golden retriever. I enjoy that very much, but I love my woods the best. So does she, I think, but her dog refuses to go there any more, we don’t know why. Hi, AnnaB

How about daily habits such as making coffee, flossing and brushing teeth, putting on make-up? Do those things automatically and you can think other more interesting thoughts while you’re doing them. Don’t worry, though. We can choose happy thoughts. If you look for a new route to work every day doesn’t that take away from more important matters such as planning a date or a painting? Oh, yes, pay attention to your driving. I say stick with what you know works and focus on the new things that are going to happen all around you every day whether you go looking for them or not.

Psalm 118:24


See the bee?


2 Responses to “Same-o, Same-o”

  1. fuonlyknew November 13, 2012 at 7:33 pm #

    It doesn’t happen all of the time, but now and then I see something new in something old. Know what I mean? Driving to work the same way everyday, I can pass a house and see it anew. It looks the same but I notice it.


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