The Elusive Mouse

29 Sep

Speak Up Saturday

Patricia Franklin

Here on the porch I have so enjoyed Patricia’s stories. Sadly it appears she may be taking a Fall break. If anyone has s story they would like to share,  leave a comment or tweet me @onisha. I would love to hear your stories-Onisha



I think our elusive mouse has disappeared. Could he have been a figment of my imagination?  I was so frustrated with something that wasn’t even there?  However, he did leave behind his little gifts for me to clean up.  And I remember when I first discovered his presence. He was trying to nest in my husband’s knee pads. He never even went near the pile of rags I keep in the laundry room.  This just gets curiouser and curiouser.

If he is living under my house he must be an “arachnidavore” because that is all I have under the house. He would have to survive  by devouring bugs and spiders, as he has not set one little foot in any other part of the house. I know because I have kept up a ritual of sweeping glances in every corner ever since he showed up.

We have had several cool nights and I figured if he was coming in from outdoors, he would be in on those nights.  Black Cat has been hanging around just enough to make me think he could read my mind, and took care of the problem. No doubt Cat is a very intelligent animal. We have a mutual respect and understanding between us, even if there is no love lost there.


End of Mouse I think…. will let you know if otherwise.  At any rate he still remains a mystery!

One Response to “The Elusive Mouse”

  1. DiVoran Lites September 29, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    The mouse battles seem to have ended. We’re hoping for some more exciting things to happen to Patricia, but please, Lord, not too exciting. She just sent a story about a near miss with a Grizzly mama.


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