The Robin Diaries- Part 4 Twittering and Tweeting

14 Jul

Speah Up Saturday

Patricia Franklin


This is the 20th day since the robins built their nest. The female has been sitting now for 10 days. She will leave for about 10 minutes or so, not much longer. Both of them watch the nest though. One day some blackbirds came along looking for seeds, etc. on the ground. The female was gone and the male came flying in and sat on the nest. The female came back a little while later and seemed surprised by his presence there. She immediately took off again for some more time by herself and he just stayed where he was. We have about 6 or 8″ of grass growing under the bush now, not to be mowed for another couple of weeks, or until the babies are gone. I’m pretty sure there are no babies yet. If there were, we would see a lot more feeding activity. We have been out working in our yard and garden just about two yards from the nest. They do not seem to worry about us. They will sit on the nest, fly in and out while we are there, or just sit on the fence, or look for bugs/worms in the grass.

Yesterday was the 14th day of sitting on the nest. We had company over the weekend, so did not have time for robins. However, I noticed yesterday both robins were eating a lot and taking turns flying back and forth to the nest. I believe we have some babies now! I have not heard any little peeps yet, but we are having some construction on our street and all I can hear are jack hammers, revving engines and beeping machines going in reverse. In addition, Frank is working outside sanding our windowsills with a power sander so he can repaint them. The poor little tykes are going to be deaf before they get a chance to hear the twittering and tweeting they should hear in a normal day. I sat out with a cup of coffee this morning and did see both adults on the edge of the nest taking turns feeding the unseen little mouths inside. Guess I will get a glass of ice tea and go see what is happening this afternoon. Maybe there will be a lull in the construction noise during their coffee break.

Mother Robin

Mother Robin (Photo credit: striderp64)

One Response to “The Robin Diaries- Part 4 Twittering and Tweeting”

  1. DiVoran July 14, 2012 at 9:49 am #

    I’m truly enjoying the Robin Diaries by Patricia Franklin. She has an eye for detail and the keep appraisal that make bird watching an art and a science.


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